Netherlands Coastguard Dornier 228 Aircraft Exits Runway While Landing at Eindhoven Air Base

A Netherlands Coastguard Dornier 228-212 patrol aircraft exited runway while landing at the Eindhoven Air Base on June 8 afternoon, the Dutch Ministry of Defence (Ministerie van Defensie; MinDef) said in a statement.

According to the statement, the aircraft sustained damages but the two crew members were left unharmed. The incident was reportedly caused after the aircraft’s left main wheel tire suffered a burst.

The runway Eindhoven Air Base was temporarily closed following the incident with all the civil air traffic to and from Eindhoven Airport canceled. The aircraft has now been lifted off the runway with damage. The airport is open again for air traffic from 07:00 on Tuesday morning.

The Air Force Command has started an investigation to find the cause of the incident with the Dutch Safety Board also informed. The aviation police have been on-site since the incident.

The Netherlands Coastguard Dornier 228 aircraft are stationed at Netherlands Coastguard station Schiphol-Oost but the Royal Netherlands Air Force (RNLAF)’s 334 Squadron at Eindhoven flies the aircraft. The crew was on a training flight which included the landing and the pilots were supposed to return to Schiphol.

Netherlands Coastguard Dornier 228-212
A Netherlands Coastguard Dornier 228-212 maritime patrol aircraft. Dutch Ministry of Defence Photo.

The Netherlands Coastguard (Dutch: Kustwacht Nederland) operates two Dornier 228-212 special mission aircraft. These two aircraft are equipped with state-of-the-art communications technology, radar for the detection of environmental pollution and an infrared camera system enabling mission-readiness under all conditions.

The maritime patrol aircraft are deployed to fulfill the wide spectrum of coast guard tasks, including search-and-rescue, disaster and incident control, environmental supervision and border surveillance. Throughout the year, one aircraft and its crew are on standby for deployment above the North Sea, or elsewhere in Europe, twenty-four hours a day.

Netherlands Coastguard Dornier 228-212 Incident
The damaged aircraft has been lifted off the runway.

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