Nigeria’s Homeland Takes Delivery of its Fourth Damen 3307 Patrol Vessel

Homeland Integrated Offshore Services Ltd (Homeland) of Lagos, Nigeria, has taken delivery of another Damen 3307 Patrol Vessel for operations in the offshore oil fields in the Gulf of Guinea.

This takes the total delivered vessels/Guardians since the first arrived in early 2014 to four.

Guardian 4 has joined its three sister ships in providing security services to the oil majors active in Nigeria’s territorial waters, together with additional support services including crew transfers and equipment deliveries.

Homeland is one of the few Government-approved, private maritime security companies operating in Nigeria with a valid MOU with the Nigerian Navy, and the arrival of the fourth Guardian adds significantly to its ability to meet its goal of providing turnkey security services that include deterrence of and intervention in piracy attacks, so as to make the offshore environment safer for the benefit of all legitimate stakeholders.

The Damen 3307 Patrol Vessel is a variant on Damen’s best-selling Fast Crew Supplier 3307. It applies all the benefits of the basic FCS 3307 design; high speed, rapid acceleration and excellent seakeeping, and adds a range of special refinements.

The Guardian series of 3307 Patrol vessels are unarmed, but carry security personnel along with their firearms. Protection for those on board is provided by an armoured wheelhouse and internal safe haven, while accommodation for up to 16 individuals with their equipment enables them to remain at sea for extended periods of time.

Damen’s 3307 Patrol design is exceptionally versatile and can be configured for a wide range of roles. It’s axe-bow design and high-speed hull form delivers rapid acceleration and a top speed of around 30 knots, making them exceptional interceptors, each capable of providing a credible deterrent across wide areas of open sea.

However, with 70 m² of open aft deck they can also support offshore industries in a number of other ways, including crew transfers and equipment deliveries, quickly and safely in sea states that would leave conventional vessels struggling.

Additional features on board Guardian 4 include 15 extra seats for crew transfers, a Fast Rescue Craft, a self-cleaning fuel separator to protect the engines and generators from contaminated fuel and a FuelTrax fuel management system that measures, monitors and reports on fuel consumption and efficiency.

In-Country maintenance services and technical support for the vessels will be provided by the Damen Service Hub in Port Harcourt.

Homeland was founded in 2006 to support international oil companies working in Nigeria’s offshore oil and gas fields by providing a wide range of services both at sea and on shore.

11 years later, it now operates a sizeable fleet that includes fast supply intervention vessels, platform support vessels, anchor handling tug supply ships, security and patrol vessels, and tugs.


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