North Korea ‘Sponsor of Terror’ declares President Trump

President Trump in an unprecedented move has announced that the US is re-designating North Korea as a state sponsor of Terrorism.

The rogue nation was on the list of State Sponsor of Terrorism 9 years before it was removed from the same.

President Trump also expects “very large” additional sanctions to be followed after the new declaration.

During the Cabinet meeting President Trump described the nuclear development program of North Korea international act of terror.

The new measures are taken after a series of sanctions imposed on the North Korea, which included a ban on oil, textiles, freeze of North Korean assets etc.

With the new announcement North Korea joins the ranks with Iran, Sudan, and Syria on a list of countries that supports international terrorism.

The country was on the list before and was taken off during Bush administration in 2008 as part of negotiation pact.

Reacting to the new announcement, secretary of State Rex Tillerson admitted that “the practical effects may be limited”.

Secretary Tillerson however expressed hope for a peaceful resolution with the North Koreans.

However the new development has complicated the existing situation and bringing North Korea to the negotiating table will be an uphill task now.

It is uncertain how North Korea will react to the new situation and experts predict an aggressive reaction from the North Korean side warning about the possibility of another missile launch.

As of now the crisis seem to have no end and with the latest development we can expect the ongoing crisis is certainly going to intensify.

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