NSPA Delivers Essential Spare Part for Lithuanian Boxer ‘Vilkas’ Armoured Vehicle

The NATO Support and Procurement Agency (NSPA) delivered to Lithuania an essential spare part for one of its Armed Forces’ Boxer ‘Vilkas’ armoured vehicles, on April 10.

The team processed, coordinated and transported the item in four days.

NSPA received an urgent material requirement from Lithuania on the 6th of April; one of the differential axles of a Lithuanian Armed Forces Boxer armoured vehicles was damaged impeding the operability of the vehicle.

The NSPA Boxer team immediately assessed the situation. The spare part was not available in the NSPA-held central stock. Aware of the urgency and lack of time to find a commercial solution, the team activated the Mutual Emergency Support Mechanism. Within hours, Germany (a nation member of the BOXER Support Partnership) sent a positive response offering the required item from its stock.

NSPA organised the pick up in Germany and the transportation to deliver the essential item to Lithuania in less than two days
Lithuanian Armed Forces currently have a growing fleet of BOXER armoured vehicles, in use with the Lithuanian Grand Dukes Algirdas Battalion in Rukla. The vehicles are currently being used for training purposes and will be used to satisfy the operational requirements of the Lithuanian Armed Forces.

Lithuania, together with the Netherlands and Germany, is a member of the NSPA BOXER Support Partnership.

NSPA manages and maintains the central direct exchange and national stocks, and performs brokerage activities for all current BOXER user nations. Mutual Emergency Support is another key benefit to membership in a Support Partnership. NSPA is the centre of excellence for Life Cycle Management and Integrated Logistics Support for these vehicles.

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