Orbit Communication Systems Announces Follow-on Ground Station Order

Israeli company, Orbit Communication Systems Ltd. announced today a new order for a multi-band 5.5 m Gaia ground station.

The high-gain dual S/X-band system will be installed in 2020, and brings additional capabilities to the existing Gaia-based ground network for a leading satellite imagery service provider.

“With over 50 systems provided in the last 4 years, our Gaia family has proven a unique and highly successful choice for both established and emerging operators and service providers, noted Stav Gizunterman, Orbit’s Vice President of Sales and Marketing.

“Our innovative Gaia design ensures that a family of cost-effective and easily operated ‘New Ground’ systems are available to support the rapidly growing ‘New Space’ segment, and the diverse requirements of their earth observation, smallsat, and LEO/MEO constellations.

Gaia is a family of high-performance and cost-effective compact ground stations developed by Orbit. An extensive installed base of highly reliable Orbit Gaia terminals now serve the rapidly growing Earth Observation and MEO/LEO constellation segments, as well as satellite service providers and teleports.

The new 5.5m multi-band ground station shares the same modular architecture, intuitive tools, and ease of operation as the popular 2.4m, 3.7m, and 4.5m Gaia series. Gaia terminals can be configured for L-band through the full Ka-band, as well as for multi-band operation, with a choice of proven RF power units.

The lightweight, small-footprint design allows installation on a broad range of locations and structures, while a robust protective radome ensures continuous operation in even the most severe environments.

Orbit Gaia 5.5m Ground Station
Orbit Gaia 5.5m Ground Station.

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