Orbital ATK Announces Production of 25,000th M1156 Precision Guidance Kit (PGK)

Orbital ATK announced that the company has produced 25,000 M1156 Precision Guidance Kit (PGK) for the United States Army and Marine Corps.

The GPS guidance kit reduces the ballistic dispersion of conventional 155mm artillery projectiles – transforming them into near-precision weapons.

“PGK is an example of how leveraging existing weapons systems and transforming them with incremental technology enhancements can deliver the warfighter an overmatch capability that has greater reliability and effectiveness at a fraction of the cost of more advanced munitions,” said Dan Olson, Vice President and General Manager for Orbital ATK’s Armament Systems division, part of the Defense Systems Group. “Looking to the future, we are applying PGK principles to create additional precision weapons that have cross domain applications.”

The guidance kit, which replaces conventional artillery projectile fuzes and requires no additional modifications to the existing projectile inventories, provides greater precision which in addition to being more effective against enemy targets also reduces the potential for collateral damage to friendly troops and non-combatants.

This ability to deliver precision fires and reduce collateral damage greatly increases the utility of cannon fires for use on today’s dynamic battlefield which includes a range of asymmetric threats as well as the emergence of peer adversaries.

Orbital ATK recently concluded the second production year and is currently executing its third production year at its Armament Systems division facility located in Plymouth, MN.

Orbital ATK’s Defense Systems Group is an industry leader in providing innovative and affordable precision and strike weapons, advanced propulsion and hypersonics, missile components across air-, sea- and land-based systems, ammunition and related energetic products.

Orbital ATK

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