Oshkosh Exhibits JLTV Outfitted with Uvision Hero-120 Tactical System at Modern Day Marine 2019

Oshkosh Defense exhibited a 2-door Utility version of Joint Light Tactical Vehicle (JLTV) outfitted for the first time with the Uvision Hero-120 Tactical System at the Modern Day Marine Expo 2019.

The vehicle is on display at Quantico Marine Corps Base in Quantico, Virginia from Tuesday, September 17 through Thursday, September 19.

JLTV Equipped with Hero-120 Loitering Weapon System
A 2-door Utility version of Joint Light Tactical Vehicle (JLTV) outfitted with the Uvision Hero-120 Tactical System. Oshkosh Photo,

The company also displayed a 4-door General Purpose JLTV will be equipped with the Javelin Integration Kit (JIK), LW30 Remote Weapon Station (RWS), and for the first time, a Black Hornet Vehicle Reconnaissance System (VRS).

“As the military pivots its focus from counter-insurgency threats towards near-peer adversaries, so too must the industry,” said George Mansfield, Vice President and General Manager of Joint Programs for Oshkosh Defense. “We designed the JLTV with the unpredictability of the future in mind, bringing the Warfighter unprecedented lethality capabilities along with scalable levels of protection to meet virtually any mission need.”

The U.S. Marine Corps recently announced that they plan to increase their Approved Acquisition Objective (AAO). “We’re incredibly pleased to hear that based on their own evaluation, the U.S. Marine Corps (USMC) is now planning to field 15,390 JLTVs, replacing all HMMWVs in the Corps’ legacy fleet in a one-for-one swap,” said Mansfield. “We will continue to work with both the U.S. Army and the USMC to align and deliver against key military modernization priorities.” With this increase, the Marines have nearly tripled their original AAO, up from an original 5,500 quantity.

The Marine Corps also recently announced that the JLTV program has reached Initial Operational Capability (IOC), nearly a year ahead of schedule.

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