Pacific Spaceport Complex – Alaska Reports ‘Anomaly’ During Launch Rehearsal

The Pacific Spaceport Complex – Alaska (PSC – A) has reported an ‘anomaly’ on a launch pad during a rocket launch dress rehearsal on Monday, according to a KMXT News report.

The anomaly did not result in any injuries, the report quoted Alaska Aerospace CEO, Mark Lester.

“I can confirm we had an anomaly on the launch pad. We are executing our emergency checklist. We request everyone stay clear of the area to allow our crew to address the situation”, Lester said.

Additional details of the incident were not released but, according to Lester, a launch of Astra rocket, previously scheduled for Tuesday, has been cancelled.

Astra Space was the lone DARPA Launch Challenge participant. The Launch Challenge ended without a winner as Astra was unable to launch the rocket during a roughly two-week window of the Challenge campaign, which ran February 17-March 2 in Kodiak, Alaska.

The Pacific Spaceport Complex – Alaska (PSCA, PSC-A), formerly known as the Kodiak Launch Complex (KLC), is a dual-use commercial and military spaceport for sub-orbital and orbital launch vehicles located on Kodiak Island in Alaska.

The facility is owned and operated by the Alaska Aerospace Corporation (AAC), a public corporation of the State of Alaska.

The Kodiak spaceport has two launch pads with a mission control center that includes 64 workstations with high-speed communications and data links. Launch pad 1 is designed for orbital launches, while launch pad 2 is intended for sub-orbital flights.

There is a clean room for preparing satellites for launch, a fully enclosed 17-story-tall rocket assembly building and two independent range and telemetry systems. The complex sits on 3,700 acres (15 km2) of state-owned land.

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