Pakistan Navy Sea King Helicopter Crashes into Arabian Sea Killing One

A Pakistan Navy Sea King helicopter crashed into the Arabian Sea while on routine operation, on Aug. 31, killing one service member.

Among seven people onboard, three survived and managed to escape the chopper after the crash. Three officials are still missing, for whom a rescue operation is still ongoing.

The deceased officer named Special Service Group (Navy) operator Akhtar Ali, who also took part in a bilateral exercise with Egyptian Special Forces in the past, was laid to rest with honour on Saturday. The Special Service Group (Navy) abbreviated SSG(N), is the Pakistan Navy’s principal special forces unit.

A similar incident had occurred last month as well, where a Pakistan Air Force (PAF) helicopter had crashed at the Bacha Khan Airport in Peshawar, leaving two of the four passengers wounded.

Pakistan’s Navy took delivery of six Westland Mk.45 Sea Kings, a variant based on the Royal Navy’s Sea King HAS.1 from 1975. It served in an combined anti-submarine and anti-ship role, carrying the Exocet anti-ship missile as an alternative to the normal anti-submarine weapon load of four Mark 44 or Mark 46 torpedoes.

The Navy further received seven refurbished Sea King multi-role helicopters (former Royal Navy Sea King HC.4) on 24 May 2017 according to a contract signed a year earlier. The helicopters had undergone maintenance services by Vector Aerospace before they were shipped to Pakistan.

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