Paris Air Show 2017: Leonardo M-345 trainer makes debut

      Leonardo made official debut of its new M-345 HET trainer at Paris Air Show 2017.

      The M-345 is a training jet aircraft with costs comparable to those of a turboprop aircraft but that delivers superior performances. It has less operating and life cycle costs compared to other similar trainers.

      The M-345 has a cockpit fully representative of the fighters offering excellent external visibility. The M-345 can also carry out operational roles with its wide flight envelope with high maneuver capability at high speed and both low and high altitude, modern avionic systems and high load capacity.

      The trainer is powered by a single Williams FJ44-4M-34 turbofan engine. The cockpit is equipped with HOTAS (Hands On Throttle-And-Stick), three-colour touch screen Multi-function Display (MFD) and a Head-Up Display (HUD).

       The first prototype has carried out the first flight on 29th December 2016. The Italian Air Force has already ordered a first batch of five aircraft and the delivery is expected to start from 2019.

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