Paris Air Show 2017 : Leonardo unveils M40 aerial target drone

Leonardo unveiled its new aerial target drone, Mirach 40 (M-40) at the 2017 Paris Air Show. M-40 is based on the company’s Mirach 100/5 target drone which is used by  France, Italy and the UK, and is designed to provide medium-to-high performance at a price comparable with competitors’ entry-level drones.

The M-40 is suitable for a range of training purposes, from Ground Based Air Defence (GBAD) artillery training to the simulation of high-performance aerial threat targets for Navy and Air Force training. Able to convincingly mimic a variety of aircraft and missiles, the target drone can simulate radar, infrared (IR) and visual threats. This allows Armed Forces to ‘shoot down’ the reusable M-40 in realistic scenarios, allowing them to train with and qualify a wide variety of weapon systems.

Developed in-house by Leonardo using commercial components, the M-40 is readily exportable around the world. Mirach 100/5 will be also offered alongside the M-40 to simulate the highest-performance threats. The M-40 uses the same ground control station as the Mirach 100/5.

Because the new M-40 inherits the flight characteristics of the proven Mirach 100/5, it comes with a versatile range of high-performance features including a low-altitude ‘sea skimming’ capability and the ability to execute high-G maneuvers.

The M-40 employs a single commercial, multi-fuel engine. The use of a single engine reduces maintenance requirements and allows for easier deployment even at very remote training ranges. To ensure that M-40 is easy to store and transport, it is designed to operate without pyrotechnics, for launch and parachute deployment.

Source : Leonardo

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