Patria, Kongsberg Teaming Up for U.S. Army Turreted Mortar Programs

Patria and Kongsberg Defence & Aerospace have formed a teaming agreement to provide turreted mortar solutions for future U.S. Army mortar programs.

Under the agreement, the companies will promote and produce the 120mm Patria Nemo, turreted, remote-controlled mortar system in the US. The teaming will provide an unrivalled combination of KONGSBERG’s U.S. engineering and production capability, and Patria’s long experience and innovation as provider of world-leading mortar systems.

Patria Nemo is a remote-controlled 120mm mortar system capable of both direct and indirect fire on the move. Nemo can also execute multiple rounds simultaneous impact (MRSI) fire missions with up to 6 rounds per MRSI mission. In addition to being highly protected, Patria Nemo is light, compact and easily installable on light, tracked chassis, wheeled armored vehicles or navy vessels.

Patria Nemo 120mm Mortar Turret Demonstration
A Patria AMV armored vehicle, equipped with Patria Nemo 120mm mortar turret, participating in a demonstration on Sept 11, 2019 at Red Cloud Range at Fort Benning, Georgia, USA. (U.S. Army photo by Patrick A. Albright)

Having an eye on upcoming turreted mortar programs for the U.S. armed forces, Patria and Kongsberg have agreed to leverage Kongsberg’s existing RWS manufacturing facilities in Johnstown, Pennsylvania for Nemo’s production to the U.S. market.

Kongsberg’s Johnstown’s facility together, with their wide U.S. supplier base, has provided over 14,000 weapon systems to U.S. armed forces over the last 20 years. Kongsberg produced MCT-30 remote turrets for the U.S. Army’s Stryker program in Johnstown and in May 2020 was selected to do the same for the U.S. Marine Corps’ Amphibious Combat Vehicle (ACV) program.

“Kongsberg’s track record in high-end weapon system production in the U.S. is highly regarded making Kongsberg a logical choice to manufacture our systems for the U.S. Armed Forces. We are now ready to provide the U.S. with the world’s most advanced, protected and mobile 120mm mortar system and to do so from within the U.S.”, says Jussi Järvinen, President of Patria’s Land Business Unit.

“KONGSBERG and Patria have a long history of working together and a relationship that was strengthened in 2016 with KONGSBERG’s minority stake in Patria”, says Pål Bratlie Executive Vice President Kongsberg Defence & Aerospace AS. “This teaming agreement for the Nemo mortar system is a fantastic means for our companies to join forces to provide solutions to the warfighter for the turreted mortar mission”.

In late 2018, the U.S. Army published a market survey to identify capable sources to develop and produce the 120 mm Mortar Future Indirect Fire Turret (FIFT). Patria answered the market survey based on the Patria Nemo mortar system.

In May 2020, Patria entered into a Cooperative Research and Development Agreement (CRADA) for the Nemo mortar system with the U.S. Army’s Combat Capabilities Development Command (CCDC) Armaments Center. This CRADA agreement was a continuation of the U.S. Army’s effort to provide its Armored and Stryker Brigade Combat Teams with rapid, precise indirect and direct fire capability where the operating crew is well protected, and their physical burden is significantly reduced.

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