Patria Nemo Container Mortar System Undergoes Vigorous Test Firings On Board Fast Supply Vessel in Sweden

Patria Nemo Container 120 mm heavy mortar system has undergone vigorous test firings in demanding sea conditions on board Navy Fast Supply Vessel in Sweden.

The tests mainly concentrated on the functionality of the mortar sstem in sea conditions with various firing modes, including firing on the move. Another important aspect was testing of the interface of the Patria Nemo Container and the vessel in general in harsh sea conditions and, especially while performing fire missions.

Patria Nemo Container together with the Fast Supply Vessel was performing as expected and the ground-breaking concept of the 20 ft sea container with 120 mm turreted mortar system was proving its ingenuity also as a naval weapon system. It was able to operate as a mobile firing unit, both with direct and indirect fire, thus being ideal for supporting the battle of the coastal jaeger troops / coastal rangers / marines etc.

More importantly, Nemo Container proved that it is as mobile and agile as its “brothers” directly integrated onto land (Patria Nemo) or naval platforms (Patria Nemo Navy). The Nemo Container was functioning perfectly on board – this time on the Swedish Fast Supply Vessel.

Rapid response, accuracy, shoot & scoot, firepower, protection, mobility – all the characteristics of Patria’s Game Changers of the Battlefield were proven.

Together with the successful land tests earlier on Sisu E13TP 8×8 off-road truck, these naval tests verified that Patria Nemo Container truly opens a whole new market segment for Patria’s turreted mortar systems.


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