Peruvian Ministry of Interior Signs Contract for Antonov An-178 Transport Aircraft

The Peruvian Ministry of Interior has signed a contract with SpetsTechnoExport, part of the Ukrainian State Concern Ukroboronprom, for the delivery of one Antonov An-178 medium transport aircraft.

The contract provides for the production and delivery of the aircraft for the needs of the National Police of Peru (Policía Nacional del Perú, PNP), with provision for training, aftersales service, and extended warranties.

The tender offer from SpetsTechnoExport outperformed the other final competitors, including C-27J Spartan from Leonardo (USA-Italy) and C295 from Airbus (Spain).

The configuration of the aircraft ordered by the Ministry of Interior of the Republic of Peru allows to perform:

– transportation of personnel (100 persons);
– airdrop of personnel (84 persons);
– transportation of passengers (80 persons);
– cargo delivery (up to 18 tons);
– cargo airdrop;
– evacuation of wounded with the possibility of providing medical assistance (40 people).

With the signing of the contract, Ukraine opens the Latin American market for a new generation of Antonov transport aircraft. SpetsTechnoExport is currently negotiating with potential customers of Ukrainian aircraft from other countries in the region.

The An-178 medium transport aircraft was developed by the Ukrainian aircraft manufacturing and services company Antonov which is also part of Ukroboronprom. It is a further development of the family of An-148/An-158 regional jets that have been certified internationally.

The An-178 airframe and onboard equipment are 50-60% unified with the An-148/An-158 aircraft. Progress D-436-148FM turbofan jet engines installed on the An-178 are the further development of the power plant used on the An-148/158.

The maximum cruising altitude of An-178 is 12.2 km, the flight range is 5500 km, the maximum cruising speed is 825 km/h. The aircraft has a unique form of fuselage and the ability to carry different types of cargos.

The An-178 can be operated from both paved and unpaved runways. The airplane allows flying by day and night under normal and adverse meteorological conditions operating from aerodromes located in geographic latitudes between from 73° North to 55° South.

The aircraft, with a cargo door and a ramp in the tail section, is intended for delivery of personnel, weaponry and light military vehicles, for transportation of material assets, mail and other cargoes in bulk, containerized and palletized freights. The maximum payload is 18 tons. In emergency situations, the An-178 is able to evacuate civilians from disaster areas, casualties at standard stretchers and airdropping of paratroop rescue teams.

The An-178 made its flight in May 2015.

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