President Trump to recognise Jerusalem as Israel capital

President Donald trump in a controversial move will recognize Jerusalem as Israel’s capital on Wednesday.

Following this the US State Department is expected to begin the multi-year process of moving the American Embassy from Tel-Aviv to the holy city, US officials said on Tuesday.

Concrete details regarding the moving of embassy is still unclear, which is required by the law. It is expected that the physical change is not likely to happen immediately due to numerous logistical and security details as well as site determination and construction.

Thus US officials have confirmed that Mr. Trump sign a waiver delaying the embassy move, every 6 months since the law states it. The waiver will continue until the preparations for embassy are finalized.

The rupture in status-quo has sparked a renewed security warning on Tuesday. The US consulate in Jerusalem has given warning to both US officials and citizens to avoid visiting places of increased police and military presence.

The new announcement is likely to make rupture in diplomatic relations of US among the Arab Muslim world. The move is also opposed by European Union.

The new move has been one of the agenda of trump administration with his son in law Jared Kushner playing a major role in negotiations.

The move has been highly favored across Israel and is expected to create a new-horizon in its diplomatic relations between both the nations.

However what it entails for the other side of the region and the religious and cultural sensitivities need to be carefully examined and how Trump administration is certainly will have to handle those complexities arising from this move.

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