Procurement Contract Signed for German BOXER Vehicles’ Driver Vision System

A procurement contract for the German BOXER vehicles’ Driver Vision System (DVS) was signed on Nov. 19, OCCAR said in a statement.

Inherent to tactical vehicles is the protected positioning of its crew, which unavoidably leads to limited vision areas for the driver due to the very small windows. This is especially true for large and heavy vehicles such as the 30-tonne BOXER. As first of its kind, the BOXER Driver Vision System provides an electronic assisted field of view to enable a safe and stress reduced ride on public roads in accordance with modern traffic safety standards.

To achieve these requirements, a highly capable camera-monitor system had to be developed especially for the BOXER vehicle, which may be applied to other tactical vehicles in future.

The Driver Vision System consists of two high performance cameras, a cleaning system and a high-speed electronic processing unit to ensure a delay-free data image transfer to the two driver displays. The system assists the driver in its task to manoeuvre a heavily armoured vehicle in public spaces. For situations such as turning on public or urban streets, this is a major step forward to enhanced safety, because it eliminates most of the blind spots. The system has undergone long-term tests at a driver training school and has proved its value and readiness under challenging environmental conditions.

It is planned to equip all existing and future vehicles of the German BOXER fleet with this Driver Vision System.

German Army GTK Boxer
German Army GTK Boxer 8×8 wheeled armoured vehicle. Photo Credit: Bundeswehr/Marco Doro.
BOXER Driver Vision System (DVS)
BOXER Driver Vision System (DVS). Image Credit: Krauss Maffei Wegmann (KMW).

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