QinetiQ Orders Third-Generation Robonic KONTIO Pneumatic Launcher

Robonic Ltd Oy, a subsidiary of Safran Electronics & Defense, is to deliver in March 2019 a third-generation KONTIO pneumatic launcher to the defence science and engineering company, QinetiQ.

Designed to launch tactical unmanned air systems and target drones, KONTIO high-pressure pneumatic launcher is capable of propelling over 20 types of unmanned aerial vehicles. This success is a continuation of earlier deliveries to QinetiQ for its target systems business and strengthens Robonic’s position as the world’s leading supplier of pneumatic zero-point launchers.

The KONTIO launcher is a highly transportable universal launcher with a large mass and speed envelope which makes it highly suitable for several types of targets or tactical unmanned aerial vehicle. It is designed to launch air vehicles of up to 140 kg with a 70 m/s exit velocity or alternatively 500 kg at 37 m/s.

“The delivery of our KONTIO launcher for QinetiQ to offer to their customers around the world, shows the trust in our products, support, capability and performance. QinetiQ is a major supplier of aerial target drones in the global market and this contract illustrates our products and solutions portfolio ability to address the demanding needs of the target drones market,” said Juha Moisio, Managing Director of Robonic. “We are extremely proud of this delivery and we owe the success of this to our many years of strong and stable cooperation with QinetiQ.”

With its launchers delivered worldwide, Robonic has over three decades of operational experience in supporting the evolving requirements of UAS global industry and UAS end-users.

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