RAAF Base East Sale Receives New Broadspectrum Panther-S Firefighting Vehicle

Australian Defence Force (ADF) personnel at Royal Australian Air Force (RAAF) Base East Sale welcomed the arrival of a new Broadspectrum Panther-S firefighting vehicle on Feb. 28.

Minister for Defence Personnel Darren Chester welcomed the addition of the Panther-S and applauded the efforts of Broadspectrum employees during the recent bushfire emergency.

“The new Panther-S model is being introduced by as part of Broadspectrum’s investment and commitment to firefighting and airfield safety,” Mr Chester said. “This investment is an example of the continued commitment of Broadspectrum to provide our ADF personnel with high-quality, state-of-the-art products and services. I also thank Broadspectrum and the support they provided during the bushfires, where they provided extensive services to Defence personnel and evacuees, as well as being involved in the firefighting.”

The event at RAAF Base East Sale included demonstrations of the new vehicle’s capability. Along with Mr Chester, representatives from Defence, Broadspectrum and the vehicle manufacturer, Rosenbauer Australia will attend the launch at the RAAF East Sale Fire Station.

The Australian Department of Defence has had a partnership with Broadspectrum to deliver base services products at a large number of bases for more than 15 years.

RAAF Base East Sale provides a training environment for novice pilots, as well as important operational capabilities for Defence. The firefighting service is an important component of the ground support that enables the safe operation of aircraft.

Rosenbauer Panther Truck Fire Aircraft (TFA)

The TFA is a very high-performance Aircraft Rescue and Firefighting vehicle, designed to provide an immediate response to aircraft accidents and incidents in order to preserve life and minimise damage to military equipment.

Manufactured by Austrian firm Rosenbauer Industries, the TFA is a Heavy Rigid six-wheel-drive vehicle equipped with all-terrain capability. It also features a multi-functional, air-conditioned cabin designed to accommodate a crew of four.

The output from the two-stage centrifugal pump enables the production of extinguishing agents – either water or a water/foam solution to a range of 70m. Each TFA is designed to carry 8500 litres of water and 1300 litres of foam concentrate to produce extinguishing agents via roof; and/or bumper mounted monitors; and/or other outlets including self-protection systems.

The TFA design also includes fixed hose reels and a number of 64mm outlets for use by teams of Aircraft Rescue and Firefighting personnel at accident or incident sites. The TFA is also equipped with a Complementary Agent (Dry Chemical Powder) system.

A fully equipped TFA is capable of acceleration from a standing start to 80 km/h within 35 seconds.

Rosenbauer Panther Truck Fire Aircraft Specifications

• Manufacturer: Rosenbauer Industries
• Role: Aircraft Rescue and Firefighting (ARFF)
• Crew: One driver, three firefighters
• Engine: 18.1 litre Caterpillar C-18, Euro 3 Six-cylinder, turbocharged and inter-cooled diesel.
• Rated power: 526 kW at 2300 RPM.
• Weight: 36 tonnes GVM
• Size: Length 11.75 m, width 3.3 m, height 3.6 m
• Max speed: 105 km/h

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