RAF Chinook Makes Precautionary Landing Following Mechanical Issue

A Royal Air Force (RAF) CH-47 Chinook heavy-lift helicopter made a precautionary landing in a field near Wantage following a mechanical issue, Tuesday.

After the landing, the helicopter sank into the field, due to the extended period of wet weather the area has been experiencing recently.

RAF engineers were deployed to the site to assess the mechanical issue and this has now been fixed; however, the extremely soft ground has made the recovery of the Chinook to RAF Benson very difficult. A tri-Service team of specialists is working hard to safely extract the aircraft from the mud.

While it was hoped that it could simply be dug out and then flown home, the risk of damage to the aircraft from this course of action has been assessed as significant and alternative options are being explored, including potentially lifting it from the mud with a crane.

RAF said in a statement that it hope to have the aircraft home by the end of the week.

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