RAF Typhoon fighter jets fly their longest sortie in fight against ISIS

Two Royal Air Force (RAF) Eurofighter Typhoon combat aircraft has flown their longest sortie in fight against Islamic State (ISIS) militants on Sept. 23.

During the mission that lasted eight hours and 36 minutes, the fighter jets attacked and destroyed a weapons cache, and conducted a simultaneous strike against four truck bombs.

The Typhoons conducted the strike mission from RAF Akrotiri, a large RAF station on the Mediterranean island of Cyprus.

During the sortie, which was mostly conducted at night, the Typhoons refuelled on a number of occasions from RAF and Coalition air refuelling aircraft.

After scanning the areas around the targets to ensure no civilians were present the targets were struck with a total of six Paveway IV precision guided munitions (PGM).

In a separate incident, RAF Typhoons flying over northern Iraq destroyed a truck bomb, a terrorist-held building and a mortar team firing on Iraqi forces.

RAF Tornado aircraft also destroyed five truck bombs, an armed truck, a Da’esh building and command post on a day which saw the RAF destroy a total of17 terrorist targets.

The RAF has played an essential role to allies, helping Syrian Democratic Forces engaged in ground close combat and the Iraqi Security Forces who continue their advance having liberated Mosul and Ninewah province.

The RAF recently marked the third anniversary of operations against Da’esh which also involves Reaper remotely piloted aircraft (RPA), air-air refuelling tankers and surveillance aircraft.

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