Rafael’s Drone Dome Counter-UAS Laser System Intercepts Multiple Maneuvering Targets

The Drone Dome C-UAS (Counter-Unmanned Aircraft System) laser weapon system, developed by Israel’s Rafael Advanced Defense Systems, has intercepted multiple maneuvering targets during testing.

According to the company, the system achieved 100% success in all test scenarios.

Drone Dome is an innovative end-to-end C-UAS solution for securing air space from hostile drones, providing border and critical military and civilian site protection.

Fully operational and globally deployed, the Drone Dome system integrates laser technology for hard-kill capabilities. When the C4I performs target detection and positive identification, the system allocates the target to the laser effector, which locks and tracks the target and performs hard-kill with high-power laser beam.

The system is also able to conduct soft-kill without the laser beam by interfering/jamming the command signals between the hostile drone and its operator.

In 2018, the Drone Dome system was reportedly used by the British military following reports of drone sightings close to the runway at London’s Gatwick Airport that led to the closure of the runway for over 36 hours. According to Israeli news reports, six systems were sold to the UK Ministry of Defense in an estimated $20 million deal.

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