Raytheon Awarded Delivery Order for Phalanx CIWS Logistics Support

Raytheon Missile Systems is being awarded a firm-fixed-price delivery order for performance-based logistics support of the Phalanx close-in-weapon system (CIWS).

The delivery order, with a not-to-exceed value of around $48 million, was awarded by the U.S. Naval Supply Systems Command Weapon Systems Support (NAVSUP WSS) located in Mechanicsburg, Pennsylvania.

The order was awarded under a previously awarded contract as an undefinitized contractual action. Fiscal 2018 working capital funds (Navy) in the amount of around $23.5 million will be obligated at the time of award and funds will not expire at the end of the current fiscal year.

The contract is for logistics support in managing the systems by furnishing repaired and new units for 1041 line items under prescribed performance metrics in response to Fleet requisitions.

The contract work will be performed in Louisville, Kentucky, and work is to be completed by August 2019.

Phalanx CIWS

Phalanx CIWS (pronounced “sea-whiz”) is a close-in weapon system for defense against anti-ship missiles. It was designed and manufactured by the General Dynamics Corporation, Pomona Division (now a part of Raytheon).

Consisting of a radar-guided 20 mm Vulcan cannon mounted on a swiveling base, the Phalanx has been used by multiple navies around the world, notably the United States Navy on every class of surface combat ship with the exception of the San Antonio class LPD, by the British Royal Navy on its older escorts (where weight prevents the use of the heavier Dutch Goalkeeper 30 mm CIWS), and by the United States Coast Guard aboard its Hamilton and Legend-class cutters. The system is used by 16 other allied nations.

A land based variant, known as the LPWS (Land-based Phalanx Weapon System), part of the C-RAM system, has recently been deployed in a short range missile defense role, to counter incoming rockets and artillery fire.

Because of their distinctive barrel-shaped radome and their automated nature of operation, Phalanx CIWS units are sometimes nicknamed “R2-D2” after the famous droid character from the Star Wars films.

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