Raytheon ELCAN to Supply Specter DR Dual Role Sights to Danish Defence

Raytheon ELCAN, a division of Raytheon Technologies Corp., was awarded a contract valued at $10.1 million by NATO Support and Procurement Agency (NSPA) to provide ELCAN Specter DR dual role sights in three variants to the Danish Defence.

Raytheon’s ELCAN was selected to provide the Specter DR dual field-of-view sights in both 1-4x and 1.5-6x magnifications for both rifles and machine guns. The sights chosen by Danish Defence forces will have a bullet-drop reticle and a Picatinny/STANAG rail integrated into the housing with an ambidextrous easy-to-use throw lever to switch instantly between magnifications.

“The complex and unpredictable requirements NATO troops face today are what is driving the ongoing development of Raytheon ELCAN Specter sights,” according to Dan Pettry, a former U.S. Army Ranger and now a Raytheon Intelligence & Space product manager for Raytheon ELCAN Rifle Sights. “We are leveraging disruptive technology that optimizes human interactions to provide increased reliability and mission effectiveness to keep soldiers safer. The variable magnification and durability of the Specter is a great advantage for the shooter, and a significant leap forward in enhancing the soldier’s lethality.”

The ELCAN Specter DR dual role optical sight will supplement the present ELCAN C79 fixed magnification sight, as the standard issue optical sight for the Danish Defence Armed Forces. Raytheon ELCAN will begin deliveries in the first quarter 2021.

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