Raytheon to Install Two Over-The-Horizon Radar Sites in Canada’s Polar Region to Determine Effects of Aurora Borealis on Target Detection

Raytheon Canada Limited (RCL), a subsidiary of Raytheon Company, will design, build and install two over-the-horizon radar sites in Canada’s polar region to determine what effects, if any, the Aurora Borealis has on target detection along the Canadian north.

These two contracts, totaling $30 million, resulted from a competitive solicitation posted on BuyandSell.gc.ca by Public Services & Procurement Canada on behalf of the Department of National Defence. These contracts will enable Defence Research and Development Canada to conduct a feasibility study of using sky-wave Over-The-Horizon Radar technology, in the arctic, to determine the effect of the Aurora Borealis on target detection beyond line-of-site.

Working with Raytheon Intelligence, Information and Services, RCL will build two test sites to gauge how the Northern Lights may impact operations. Should those tests prove successful, Canada may decide to build additional radar sites to monitor its increasingly accessible arctic waterways.

“Raytheon built and operates a similar radar system in the U.S. which has been key to defending America’s borders,” said David Appel, director for mission systems at Raytheon IIS. “A full over-the-horizon radar will monitor the arctic, as those waters have become more accessible to shipping traffic.”

Raytheon also will work with local companies to design and build the system.

“We will be working with Canadian suppliers to secure the Canadian north,” said Terry Manion, RCL vice president and general manager. “We understand the environment and can provide crucial technologies which may lead to significant long term economic growth.”


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