Red River Army Depot Completes Refurbishment of 1,636 Up-Armored Humvees in Support of ANDSF

The U.S.Army’s Red River Army Depot (RRAD) has recently completed refurbishment of 1,636 up-armored High Mobility Multipurpose Wheeled Vehicles (HMMWV, Humvees) in support of the Afghan National Defense and Security Services (ANDSF).

Since August 2017, the HMMWV team worked diligently to complete the refurbishment of the vehicles and during peak months produced 162 vehicles a month at a rate of nine vehicles per day. The refurbishment of the HMMWVs resulted in a $130 million cost savings. Keeping quality at the forefront of every process, the HMMWV team also kept defects per vehicle at .53 percent.

Tracy Mitchell, Program Manager for Allied Tactical Vehicles, was on hand to congratulate the team during a celebration ceremony. Mitchell presented several awards to RRAD key players including: Lacey DeBerry, Jeremy Mcginnis, Blake McIntosh and Chris Culpepper.

“As always, the Red River Team really stepped up to get this program done for us,” said Tracy Mitchell, Program Manager for Allied Tactical Vehicles. “Between all of your managers, your command team and every person on the production line, you all have done an amazing job to complete this HMMWV work. Both me and my team truly appreciate your continued dedication.”

As the Center of Industrial and Technical Excellence (CITE) for the HMMWV, Red River has repaired and rebuilt every variant of the vehicle since 2004. In addition to the HMMWV, the depot also serves as the CITE for a list of other vehicles including the Mine Resistant Ambush Protected (MRAP) Vehicle, the Bradley Fighting Vehicle System (BFVS), the Multiple Launch Rocket System (MLRS), the Heavy Equipment Transporter (HET) and the Rough Terrain Container Handler (RTCH).

Up-Armored Humvees
A line of up-armored High Mobility Multipurpose Wheeled Vehicles (HMMWV) await shipment at Red River Army Depot. The depot’s HMMWV production team recently completed 1,636 of the vehicles in support of the Afghanistan National Defense and Security Services. (Photo Credit: U.S. Army)

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