RFA Fort Rosalie Carries Out Replenishment At Sea with French Navy’s FS Var

The British Royal Fleet Auxiliary (RFA) fleet replenishment ship, RFA Fort Rosalie (A385) has carried out replenishment at sea (RAS) with French Navy Durance-class multi-product replenishment oiler, FS Var (A608), while transiting through the Red Sea.

This would allow Fort Rosalie to take on fuel as she continued her voyage home after a successful six-month deployment in support of Op Kipion, the UK’s long standing presence in the Gulf and Indian Ocean.

The rendezvous of the two venerable old ladies took place at 0800 on a clear bright morning, with Fort Rosalie proceeding to take station on the port side of FS Var.

With both ships enjoying the benign weather conditions hoses were swiftly and skilfully connected and pumping of 550CZ of fuel commenced to Fort Rosalie’s rig three.

The evolution provided valuable experience and training to the staff on board in working with NATO partners, and helped to reinforce the ‘Entente Cordiale’ between the two close neighbours.

After three hours of close co-operation the serial came to a successful conclusion with Fort Rosalie bidding farewell to Var before she continued her passage through the Red Sea.

RFA Fort Rosalie (A385)

RFA Fort Rosalie is the lead ship of her class of Royal Fleet Auxiliary fleet replenishment ships.

Fort Rosalie was laid down in 1973, by Scott Lithgow on the River Clyde, launched in 1976 and commissioned the next year.

FS Var (A608)

FS Var (A608) is a Durance-class multi-product replenishment oiler of the French Navy.

The keel was laid down on 8 May 1979 and the vessel was launched on 1 June 1981. She was commissioned into the fleet on 29 January 1983.

Royal Navy

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