Rheinmetall to Supply VIM Vitra Daylight Targeting Camera for U.S. Army’s CROWS Weapon Stations

American Rheinmetall Systems (ARS), a U.S. subsidiary of Rheinmetall Defence, is providing VIM Vitra next generation daylight targeting camera to Kongsberg for the U.S. Army’s Common Remotely Operated Weapon Station (CROWS) program.

The new camera will replace the currently fielded VIM-C Camera. The VIM Vitra vastly improves existing CROWS systems with significantly enhanced detection, recognition, and identification (DRI) performance as well as improved low light capabilities. The CROWS remote weapon station gives operators the ability to acquire and engage targets while safely inside an armored vehicle.

The CROWS remote weapon station supports small and medium caliber weapons and can be mounted on any type of platform. Fully stabilized, the system provide unmatched observation and engagement capabilities.

The ARS-supplied Vim Vitra provides improved versatility and performance, which in turn extends service life and reduces obsolescence concerns. The unit provides warfighters with increased capability and sustainability in battle and comes with both analogue and HD digital output capabilities, which enables continued growth for the CROWS system.

The VIM Vitra is backwards compatible with existing weapon stations, and is prepared for integration with new variants such as the CROWS-J, which features a mounted Javelin capability. With its enhanced DRI performance the VIM Vitra provides warfighters with increased DRI at significantly further distances; making it a clear choice for the replacement of the more than 15,000 legacy units that are currently fielded.

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