Rheinmetall Wins €21.4M Contract to Supply DM 88 120MM Tank Ammunition to Bundeswehr

Düsseldorf-based German defence major, Rheinmetall has won a major contract to supply tank ammunition to Bundeswehr (German Armed Forces).

The contract, worth €21.4 million (USD24.4 million) including VAT, was for 13,000 rounds of 120mm x 570 DM88 ammunition. The delivery of the rounds begins in November 2018, and should be complete by the end of the year.

The DM88 (120 mm TPCSDS-T, Target Practice, Cone Stabilized, Discarding Sabot – Tracer) is an advanced practice round made specifically for the German Leopard 2 Main Battle Tank (MBT).

Ballistically, M88 is identical to the live service ammunition developed and supplied by Rheinmetall, and meets the Bundeswehr’s full range of specifications with regard to precision and handling safety.

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