Rosoboronexport Offers Prima Mobile Radar for Export

Rosoboronexport, part of Russia’s Rostec State Corporation, has begun to promote the highly mobile two-coordinate reconnaissance and target designation radar P-18-2 Prima developed and manufactured by NITEL PJSC and NPO Almaz PJSC to the international market.

“Every year, the export catalog of Rosoboronexport is replenished with dozens of weapons and military equipment. Thanks to the work of Russian scientists, engineers and designers, they get unique characteristics and create new trends in their segments of the world arms market. We are starting to promote the highly mobile Prima radar station, which has a unique ability to effectively detect modern and promising stealth targets, including any aircraft manufactured using Stealth technologies, ”said Alexander Mikheev, General Director of Rosoboronexport, Deputy Chairman of the Russian Engineering Union.

Radar “Prima” is made on a modern element base with digital processing and signal shaping. It is completely solid-state, has a high potential, increased noise immunity. The station is intended for detecting, tracking, measuring coordinates and determining the nationality of air objects of various classes and types under the influence of active and passive interference, bearing of active noise jammers, issuing radar information to consumer automation systems.

P-18-2 differs from most of the radar stations on the market in high mobility, achieved by placing all the equipment and antenna-mast device on one transport unit. At the same time, the combat crew of the station consists of two people who can work both from the equipped cabin and from remote workplaces. The radar has a high degree of automation. The time for automatic folding and deployment of the station is about 5 minutes.

Radar “Prima” operates in the meter wavelength range. It is capable of detecting all aircraft, including those made using Stealth technology. The limits of work in terms of range exceed 320 km and reach 45 degrees in elevation. The minimum detection range is 500 m. The developers have applied a number of technological solutions to ensure the operation of the station in interference conditions, in an area with difficult terrain and in unfavorable weather conditions. The radar provides automatic detection and tracking of low-speed and stealthy targets against the background of reflections from local objects.

The radar station is equipped with modern satellite navigation equipment working with GLONASS / GPS signals, which provide automatic orientation. It includes a built-in diesel power plant and a power take-off generator. In addition, the station can be connected to a three-phase general-purpose network. At the request of the customer, it is possible to replace the standard diesel electric unit with a similar one, including imported ones. Also, the vehicle base chassis of the station can be replaced with a similar one.

“Russian radio electronic and air defense systems have unique technical capabilities to integrate into the national air defense systems existing at foreign customers, significantly increasing their effectiveness, which was also taken into account in the development of the Prima radar. I am confident that the unique set of characteristics will provide the station with excellent export potential and will bring it to top positions in the countries of Southeast Asia, Africa and the Middle East, ”added Alexander Mikheev.

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