Royal Australian Navy Decommissions Frigate HMAS Melbourne

The Royal Australian Navy has decommissioned its Adelaide class guided missile frigate, HMAS Melbourne (FFG 05) after 27 years of service during a ceremony at her home port at Fleet Base East, Garden Island in Sydney.

The 138-meter long frigate is the last remaining of six Adelaide class vessels built for the Navy.

Melbourne’s final Commanding Officer, Commander Marcus Buttler said his ship’s company was honored to be the last crew to serve in Melbourne and pleased the occasion could be shared with many former ship’s company, who attended the decommissioning ceremony.

Since commissioning in 1992, HMAS Melbourne had steamed more than 900,000 nautical miles, deployed on operations to the Middle East eight times and earning battle honors for service in East Timor, the Persian Gulf, and the Middle East.

She spent most of 2018 and 2019 deployed overseas, including a four-month deployment through north Asia earlier this year where she conducted international maritime surveillance operations to enforce sanctions against North Korea.

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