Royal Australian Navy’s HMAS Success Celebrates 33 Years of Service

Today marks a special milestone for HMAS Success.

The Commanding Officer, Captain Darren Grogan, and his crew are celebrating 33 years of remarkable service by the ‘Battle Tanker’.

To celebrate the occasion, a Clear Lower Deck was called this morning to allow the Ship’s Company to enjoy a slice of birthday cake and partake in the party atmosphere, while the ship was berthed in Langkawi, Malaysia as part of INDO-PACIFIC ENDEAVOUR 2019.

Captain Grogan said despite 33 years of dedicated service, Success was still maintaining an extremely high-tempo during her four-month decommissioning deployment.

“Success, also known as the First Lady of the Fleet, is the oldest ship in the Royal Australian Navy.

“But don’t be put off by her age,” Captain Grogan said.

“She remains at the top of her game.

“In fact, last year we conducted 100 Replenishment at Sea, which is more than the ship had achieved in a single year for more than 20 years,” he said.

Built at Cockatoo Island Dockyard in Sydney, New South Wales, Success was commissioned into service on 23 April 1986, and has established a proud and long-standing history in the Royal Australian Navy.

The ship was awarded Honours for her roles in the 1991 Gulf War and INTERFET peacekeeping taskforce deployed to East Timor in 1999.

In 2014, Success helped search for the missing Malaysian Airlines Flight 370 in the Southern Indian Ocean, and was awarded the Gloucester Cup for the most outstanding unit in the Fleet over the same year.

The ship is due to decommission at Fleet Base East in June 2019.

LEUT Shane Wallace/ RAN

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