Royal Navy Minehunter HMS Pembroke Completes Major Overhaul

The UK Royal Navy Sandown-class minehunter HMS Pembroke (M107) has successfully completed a 42-week, £8 million refit at Babcock’s Rosyth dockyard in Fife.

The work was carried out on the mine countermeasures vessel (MCMV) by about 50 Babcock International employees plus specialist sub-contractors. The Rosyth team upgraded the 600-tonne ship’s sonar and communications systems, overhauled her propulsion systems and generators, and improved her freshwater tanks.

After a refit that was on time and within budget, HMS Pembroke completed sea acceptance trials off the Scottish and Norwegian coasts a day ahead of schedule. During the trials, the ship demonstrated her ability to hunt, classify and if required dispose of mines and other underwater ordnance supported by a team from the Royal Navy’s Maritime Capability Trials and Assessment (MCTA) organization.

The vessel will now re-join her six sister ships as part of the Faslane Flotilla at Scotland’s largest military establishment, HM Naval Base Clyde. Two of the Faslane ships are permanently based in the Gulf and the Indian Ocean, where they work with local militaries to promote peace and stability in the region and support the international effort to ensure the safe transit of oil and other goods.

HMS Pembroke is now on her way back to Faslane to conduct a short period of training before resuming operations later this year. She can operate in deep and exposed waters, using clearance divers or a SeaFox remote-controlled underwater vehicle to deal with hazards at depths of up to 200 meters.

Prior to the work on HMS Pembroke, HMS Penzance underwent a successful 10-month refit at Rosyth dockyard.

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