Royal Navy Type 23 Frigate HMS Portland Reaches Final Stages of Refit Programme

The UK Royal Navy Type 23 frigate HMS Portland (F79) has successfully flooded up and exited Devonport’s Frigate Support Centre (FSC) as she reaches the final stages of her refit programme.

Portland arrived in Devonport during 2018 as part of the Royal Navy’s Type 23 Class Life Extension (LIFEX) Programme which will increase their operational life beyond the original expectancy. The refit is being conducted by Babcock International.

The frigate has undergone a significant programme of capability upgrades including removing the motors for a complete overhaul after an early pre-refit survey of the vessel’s propulsion motors highlighted a material defect.

“We are pleased to have worked collaboratively with our customer to reach this milestone on HMS Portland. It has been a true team effort and its success can be attributed to meticulous planning and a great deal of hard work”, said Will Erith, Surface Ships Managing Director at Babcock International.

HMS Portland is the fifteenth and penultimate Type 23 ‘Duke-class’ frigate of the British Royal Navy. She is the eighth ship to bear the name and is named for the (now extinct) Dukedom of Portland, and more particularly for the 3rd Duke, who was Prime Minister.

The frigate was launched by Lady Heather Brigstocke on 15 May 1999. Based at HMNB Devonport in Plymouth, she was accepted into service by the Royal Navy on 15 December 2000 and was commissioned on 3 May the following year.

The vessel has an overall length of 133 metres, displacement of 4,900 tonnes and a top speed of 28+ knots.

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