Royal Navy’s first Type-26 frigate to be named HMS Glasgow

The first of eight new Type 26 frigates being built for the Royal Navy by BAE Systems will be named HMS Glasgow, the Defence Secretary, Sir Michael Fallon has announced. The class will be known as the City Class.

The announcement was done as Sir Fallon cut the first steel on the ship at BAE System’s Govan shipyard.

Earlier this month, the Ministry of Defence (MoD) announced a £3.7bn order for the first three frigates, which are due to enter service from the mid-2020s. The contract for the second batch of five ships is expected to be negotiated “in the early 2020s”.

The MoD said the work would “support and sustain” 3,400 jobs – half at BAE’s Govan and Scotstoun shipyards – with the rest in the supply chain.

Plans to build the new frigates were set out in the Government’s 2015 strategic defence and security review, although the project was scaled back from earlier proposals to construct 13 ships. The ships will eventually be complemented by a new general purpose frigate known as the Type 31 which is still early in the design stage.

About Type 26 frigates:

The Type 26 frigates are the Royal Navy variant of the BAE Systems Global Combat Ship. It will be multi-mission warship designed to support anti-submarine warfare, air defense and general purpose operations. The ships will have a crew complement of 118.

They will operate closely with the Navy’s ballistic missile submarines and future aircraft carriers including HMS Queen Elizabeth which was launched from Rosyth last week for sea trials. The aircraft carrier is expected to start its first operational deployment in 2021.

The fleet will eventually replace the current Type 23 frigates  currently deployed by Royal Navy. A total of eight ships are planned and the contract for the second batch of five ships will be negotiated in the early 2020s.

MoD said that Type 26 is ‘the most advanced anti-submarine warfare ship in its class around the world’. MoD is also exploring export opportunities and claimed a ‘strong interest from international customers.

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