Ruselectronics Unveils Upgraded, Export-Oriented R-142TE Command Vehicle

Ruselectronics, part of Russian Rostec State Corporation, demonstrated for the first time the upgraded export version of the R-142TE command and staff vehicle of operational and tactical support services officials.

Additional channels of secure communication were added with the help of the latest software and hardware systems to the modified export version.

Demonstration of the vehicle took place at the exhibition of weapons and military equipment which is held from May 28th to June 5th in Penza during the all-army stage of the weapons repair workshop “Master gun smith” held as part of the Army International Games.

The command and staff vehicle which was developed by NPP Rubin of the Ruselectronics holding, it offers opportunities for automating the collection, accumulation, processing, storage and issuing of information, solving operational tactical tasks in the interests of officials of the Logistics and processing service control points in the field when stationary and in motion. Data can be transmitted through several channels of open and closed communication, which increases the volume and speed of information delivered to the interacting units. Reliability and stability of communication is ensured by redundant communication channels.

Software and hardware features of the KSHM R-142TE allow displaying the operational situation on the area electronic map. The compartment of the deputy commander for logistical support, apart from the automated workplace, provides a technical possibility for conducting operational meetings with up to eight officials involved.

“We introduce an unparalleled export sample of a unified command-staff vehicle P-142TE, which was designed to automate the performance of support services officials. Modifications of this product have been performing special tasks for more than ten years in the interests of the Ministry of Defense of the Russian Federation”, said Andrei Tarasov, general director of Rubin Scientific and Production Enterprise.

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