Russia Conducts Test-Firing of New Anti-Ballistic Missile System

Russia conducted another test-firing of a new anti-ballistic missile (ABM) of the Russian ballistic missile defense system.

The test launch was conducted by the combat crew of the air and anti-missile defense forces of the Russian Aerospace Forces at the Sary-Shagan training ground in Kazakhstan.

During the test launch, Lieutenant General Andrey Demin, commander of the 1st Army of Special Air and Anti-Ballistic Missile Defense of the Aerospace Forces, said that the new missile defense system after a series of tests had reliably confirmed the inherent characteristics, and the combat crews successfully completed the task, hitting a conditional target with a given accuracy.

The missile defense system is in service with the Aerospace Forces and is designed to protect against attacks from aerospace attack weapons.


A-135 (NATO: ABM-3) anti-ballistic missile system is a Russian military complex deployed around Moscow to counter enemy missiles targeting the city or its surrounding areas. It is a successor to the previous A-35, and compliant with the 1972 Anti-Ballistic Missile Treaty from which the US unilaterally withdrew in 2002.

The A-135 system attained “alert” (operational) status on February 17, 1995. It is operational although its 51T6 (NATO reporting name: SH-11) component was deactivated in February 2007. A newer missile is expected to replace it. There is an operational test version of the system at the test site in Sary Shagan, Kazakhstan.

The system is operated by the 9th Division of Anti-Missile Defence, part of the Air Defence and Missile Defence Command of the Russian Aerospace Defence Forces.

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