Russia Refutes Turkey’s Claim of Destroying Eight Syrian Anti-Aircraft Systems

A Russian Ministry of Defence said in a statement that the Turkish claim of destroying eight Syrian anti-aircraft missile and gun systems in Idlib province is an exaggeration.

“Estimates presented to the head of the Republic of Turkey on the combat effectiveness of the use of attack UAVs in Idlib province, allegedly able to destroy 8 Syrian anti-aircraft missile and gun systems are untrue and are more than an exaggeration”, said the statement.

“The main air defence forces and means of the Syrian Armed Forces, including the Pantsir anti-aircraft missiles systems, were and remain focused primarily on the cover of the capital of the Syrian Arab Republic – near Damascus.”

“Units of the Syrian Armed Forces in the area of the Idlib de-escalation zone covered only four Pantsir anti-aircraft missile and gun systems.”

“As a result of the Turkish shock UAVs massive attacks, 2 Syrian anti-aircraft missiles systems were damaged. Their recovery is currently being completed.”

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