Russia to Supply Advanced S-300 Air Defense System to Syria Within Two Weeks

Russia will supply its advanced S-300 air defense missile system to the Syrian Armed Forces within two weeks, Russian Defense Minister Sergei Shoigu announced.

“A modern S-300 air defense missile system will be transferred to the Syrian armed forces within two weeks,” he said. The system will “significantly increase the Syrian army’s combat capabilities,” he said.

The new development came a week after Moscow blamed Israel for indirectly causing the downing of a Russian military plane in Syria. It is to be also noted that Russia already has its own S-300 air defense system in Syria, along with the more advanced S-400 system.

Last week, a Russian Air Force Il-20 surveillance aircraft was downed by an S-200 surface-to-air missile (SAM) operated by the Syrian Air Defense Force (SyADF), when it was returning to the Khmeimim airbase in Syria. The crash killed 15 Russian service members.

Russia claimed that Israeli pilots conducting airstrikes in Latakia, Syria used the Il-20 as a cover which resulted in the downing of the Russian aircraft.

“The Israeli pilots used the Russian plane as cover and set it up to be targeted by the Syrian air defense forces. As a consequence, the Il-20, which has radar cross-section much larger than the F-16, was shot down by an S-200 system missile,” the MoD statement said.

“The blame for the downing of the Russian plane and the deaths of its crew members lies squarely on the Israeli side,” RT quoted the Russian minister as saying. “The actions of the Israeli military were not in keeping with the spirit of the Russian-Israeli partnership, so we reserve the right to respond.”

S-300 (NATO reporting name SA-10 Grumble) is a Russian long range surface-to-air (SAM) missile systems produced by NPO Almaz.

The S-300 system was developed to defend against aircraft and cruise missiles for the Soviet Air Defence Forces. Subsequent variations were developed to intercept ballistic missiles. The system is fully automated, though manual observation and operation are also possible.

The S-300 system was first deployed by the Soviet Union in 1979, designed for the air defence of large industrial and administrative facilities, military bases and control of airspace against enemy strike aircraft.

The S-300 is regarded as one of the most potent anti-aircraft missile systems currently fielded. An evolved version of the S-300 system is the S-400 (NATO reporting name SA-21 Growler), which entered service in 2004.

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