Russia Testing Secretive LMUR Air-To-Ground Missile from Mi-28NM Attack Helicopter

Russia is testing its secretive LMUR air-to-ground missile, that can hit and destroy an armored target at a distance of several kilometers, from an Mi-28NM attack helicopter.

The video of the missile integrated with the helicopter was first published by Zvezda, a TV network run by the Russian Ministry of Defence. The project is secretive in nature and the missile was blurred in the video.

LMUR (Lyogkaya Mnogotselevaya Upravlaemaya Raketa – lightweight multi-target guided missile) missile, also known as Izdeliye 70 (Product 70), is an under-development air-to-surface weapon that will be equipped on Russian Mi-28 attack helicopters.

The only known picture of the LMUR dates from 2013, when it was shown with the Mi-28MN attack helicopter, showing a system resembling the current Shturm and Ataka anti-tank missiles.

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