Russia Transfers Two MiG-29UB Combat Training Fighter Jets to Mongolia

Russia transferred two MiG-29UB combat training fighter jets to Mongolia during a ceremony in Ulan Bator on Nov. 26, the Russian Ministry of Defence announced.

The jets were donated by Russia within the framework of the Mongolian-Russian military and technical cooperation agreement. The ceremony to receive the fighter jets was attended by heads of the General Staff of the Mongolian Armed Forces and the Russian Aerospace Forces and other corresponding officials.

The fighter jets, regarded as the symbol of the bilateral cooperation between Mongolia and Russia according to Major General R.Sukhbat, First Deputy Chief of the General Staff of the Mongolian Armed Forces, will enhance the efficiency of the actions of the Mongolian Armed Forces and the armed force’s tasks for airspace and border control. In addition, the aircraft will be utilized for improving the capacity and skills of the country’s air force pilots.

MiG-29UB (NATO reporting name: Fulcrum-B)is the twin-seat training version of the MiG-29 fighter aircraft. With a max speed of more than 2400km/h and a climb rate of 330m/s, the MiG-29 jet’s practical range at high altitude is 1,430 km and has an armament capacity of a single-barreled 30 mm gun and to be loaded with 4 tons of weapons and rockets.

The jets will be operated by the Mongolian Air Force.

Excerpt from Russian Ministry of Defence statement:

In accordance with the decision of the President of the Russian Federation on November 26 in Ulan Bator, a solemn ceremony was held to transfer Mongolia two MiG-29UB combat training fighters as part of the provision of military-technical assistance.

Russian-Mongolian relations are based on a long history of bilateral cooperation, are distinguished by traditional good neighborliness, are comprehensive and oriented towards further development of strategic partnership.

In the military sphere, the Russian side constantly took an active part in the construction of the national Armed Forces of Mongolia, including in equipping the Mongolian Air Force with aviation equipment and personnel training.

It is symbolic that today, November 26, the day of independence of Mongolia, the Russian Federation handed over to the fraternal Mongolian people aviation equipment that will increase the combat potential of the aviation of the Mongolian Armed Forces, serve as a reliable shield for the peaceful Mongolian sky and make a significant contribution to strengthening the Russian-Mongolian military and military -technical cooperation.

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