Russia unveils APR-3ME air launched torpedo

Russia has unveiled APR-3ME air-launched anti-submarine torpedo at the Moscow Air Show (MAKS) 2017.

The torpedo, which is an upgraded and lighter variant of the APR-3E torpedo, is manufactured by JSC Region State Research and Production Enterprise, subsidiary of the Tactical Missiles Corporation (KTRV).

The APR-3ME features improved endurance, longer detection ranges, increased accuracy, and an anti-jamming capability compared to ts predecessor. It is designed to engage submarine targets with speeds of up to 40 knots, submerged to depths of up to 800 m, in sea states up to level 6..

Like the APR-2E and APR-3E, the new anti-submarine torpedo has a calibre of 350 mm. However, its dimensions have been reduced owing to a modern electronic component base: the APR-3ME has a length of 3,250 mm (compared with 3,685 mm of the earlier versions) and a weight of 470 kg (compared with 525 kg).

The acoustic homing torpedo is designed to be carried by a various fixed wing and rotary wing platform including Tu-142, Il-38, Ka-28 and other aircraft.

Once entering water, the control surfaces of the torpedo enable the torpedo to travel in a spiral path with the help of gravity without starting the engine. During this stage, the acoustic seeker of the torpedo searches for targets. Once the target is identified, the engine starts and solid propellant rocket engine ensures the targets has virtually very little or no time to react, thus increasing the kill probability.

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