Russia unveils Mi-171Sh-VN helicopter gunship

Russian Helicopters, part of the state owned Rostec Corporation, has unveiled the modernized Mil Mi-171Sh-VN helicopter gunship at the ongoing MAKS 2017 airshow.

“The Mi-171Sh-VN is the new version of the Mi-8/17 military transport helicopter. The updated rotorcraft, produced at the Ulan-Ude Aviation Plant, is ready to be supplied to potential buyers,” the company has earlier said.

According to the company’s CEO Andrey Boginsky, the technical design of the Mi-171Sh-VN helicopter was formed with regard of the combat employment of helicopters, including in Syria. “The helicopter has a whole number of design features that enhance its combat effectiveness and tolerance to battle damage,” he added.

The helicopter will support special operation forces and perform anti-terrorism missions.


The Mi-171Sh-VN helicopter is equipped with more powerful engines with improved altitude and climate performances and a new carrier system. The helicopter has composite main rotor blades with a new form and an X-shaped anti-torque propeller.

Due to these advancements, the cruise and maximum speeds of the helicopter increased to 260 km/h and 280 km/h respectively, and its maximum takeoff weight to 13,500 kg.

Avionics & Defense Suites :

New flight and navigation equipment was incorporated into the helicopter. In particular, the glass cockpit was combined with analogue devices to enhance tolerance to battle damage.

Besides, the rotorcraft was equipped with the President-S defense system that automatically identifies missile launches aimed at the helicopter, jams missile heads and creates false heat targets.

Crew Protection:

The cockpit and cargo compartment have the Kevlar flooring to protect the crew. The left and right side panels up to portholes were also armored with Kevlar. There are energy-absorbing landing seats to increase survival ability for crews in case of hard landing.


A new mix of armaments was incorporated into the Mi-171Sh-VN. The main feature is that, apart from aircraft gun armaments, unguided missiles and bombs of various caliber, it is also equipped with guided missile armaments with a target sight system.

Two 12.7mm guns were installed in the right and left doorways. Two bow machine guns of the same caliber were installed on the truss structure.

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