Russian Aerospace Forces receives first batch of Mi-28UB helicopters

The Russian Aerospace Forces (VKS) has received the first batch of Mi-28UB combat training helicopters, the Russian Ministry of Defence announced.

The helicopters were delivered to the Army Aviation Combat Training Centre located in the Tver region. Earlier, representatives of the engineer service and piloting staff had checked systems and mechanisms of the helicopters in Rostov-on-Don.

A furthur 6 helicopters are to be received by Air Force units of the Southern and Western military districts.


Mi-28UB (Učebno-Bojevoj) is a combined combat and training configuration of the attack helicopter Mi-28N Night Hunter.

It has dual hydromechanical flight controls that can be operated from tandem cockpits, a more spacious lower cockpit to house a flight instructor, a wider pilot canopy, and new energy-absorbing crew seats.

A trainee pilot occupies the command cockpit, while an instructor sits in the front gunner’s cockpit. It serves as a trainer in the Russian forces but can also perform attack helicopter tasks.

Mi-28UB is equipped with upgraded integrated avionics system. The use of this system enables efficient search, detection, recognition, and hitting of ground and air targets. To enhance the combat survivability, Mi-28UB is equipped with the latest on-board defense system.

The helicopter is also equipped with failures simulation remote, which allows to simulate equipment failure in flight for the trainee pilot and to improve his or her training experience in a crisis situation.

The first Mi-28UB prototype was made by Rostvertol. After completing a major program of factory and state tests, at the end of 2015, the helicopter was launched into production.

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