Russian Armed Forces receives latest BTR-60 PUM-based command vehicles

The Russian Armed Forces has received the latest R-145BM-1 command post and communication signal vehicles based on a modernized BTR-60 PUM armored personal carrier (APC).

The vehicles were delivered to the RChBD (Troops of Radiological, Chemical and Biological Defence) military base located in the Amur region, Eastern Military District.

The vehicle are equipped with advanced communication system to arrange secure data transfer. The vehicle can also transfer infwhen afloat.

Modernized armored personal carrier BTR-60 PUM is equipped with more powerful and reliable KAMAZ-7403 engine. It also has much lower weight comparing to the ones powering earlier models. The vehicle can travel at a speed of up to 100 km/h on highway and 60 km/h off the highway

The signal troops will start operating the new hardware in winter training period – from December 1 this year.

The R-145BM1 is a Russian made command post and communication center armoured vehicle based on the chassis of BTR-60 wheeled armoured vehicle personnel carrier. This a an uprgade version of the R-145BM.

The R-145BM1 is equipped with a large range of communication radio system, radio stations P-168-100kA, R-168-25U, P-168-100U each with two sets. There is also a generator model T-290V for the power supply, and an emergency power supply 12ST-85RM.

The R-145BM1 is fully amphibious and is propelled in the water by a single water-jet mounted at the rear of the hull. The R-145BM1 is also equipped with satellite navigation systems, GLONASS and GPS.

Russian MOD

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