Russian Armed Forces receives latest Nebo-UM radars

The Russian Armed Forces Western Military District has received latest Nebo-UM air defense radars for their two radio-technical regiments (RTR) located in Leningrad region and Karelia.

The Nebo-UM (codenamed Niobiy) is a modernized version of the Nebo-U radar.

The radar is intended to survey the air space, locate various targets and define coordinates. The station can locate and track down aircraft and cruise missiles, as well as ballistic targets.

By the end of 2019, eleven Nebo-UM are intended to be supplied to the Defense Ministry.

55Zh6U Nebu-U (NATO-Designation: Tall Rack) is an VHF-Band transportable 3-D surveillance radar that is designed to provide long-range detection of aerial targets operating at a wide range of speeds and altitudes.

The system uses a phased-array antenna.

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