Russian artillery units receives Zoopark-1M reconnaissance stations

Artillery units of Combined Arms Army located in Moscow region, Western Military District, received the newest Zoopark-1M ground artillery reconnaissance stations.

They are used for exercises on counter-battery warfare when it is necessary to promptly locate fire positions of artillery battery and eliminate it.

The counter-battery radar is unique in its capability to detect simultaneously up to 70 various artillery positions.


The Zoopark-1M (GRAU index 1L219M) is a Russian upgraded missile and artillery ground reconnaissance complex designed to automatically determine the coordinates of enemy artillery positions (mortars, field artillery, rocket volley fire systems) and tactical missile launch positions); to provide target sighting information to its own countermeasure equipment, as well as to monitor its own firing results.

The Zoopark counter-battery radar, as it is called commonly, was developed by the former Soviet Union in the 1980s as the replacement for the APK-1 Ris radar system.

The Zoopark complex сonsists of: 1L216 – missile and artillery ground reconnaissance system; 1I38 – maintenance vehicle; and ED60 – mobile power plant. The system is mounted on a MTLB tracked chassis

The complex is completely autonomous and takes 5 minutes to deploy. The radar can track artillery shells of 82 to 120mm (typically mortar ammunition) at distances of up to 17 kilometers. It can detect 105 to 155mm projectiles at distances of 12 kilometers, multiple launch rocket systems at distances of 22 kilometers and tactical missiles at ranges of up to 45 kilometers. The radar can track up 12 targets simultaneously detecting up to 70 firing positions in a minute.

Russian MOD

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