Russian Defence Ministry receive modernized 2S4 Tulpan self-propelled mortars

The Russian Defence Ministry units have received a batch of modernized 2S4 Tulpan self-propelled mortars, the ministry announced.

2S4 Tulpan is designed to eliminate reinforced buildings, fortifications, manpower concentrations, and armored hardware. The modernized vehicles have been fitted with modern communications and control systems.

Representatives of the military department have tested the hardware at ranges before introducing the mortars into troops.

2S4 Tulpan

2S4 Tulpan (also spelled Tyulpan) is a Soviet self-propelled mortar/ Mortar carrier. “2S4” is its GRAU designation. Its design is based on the GMZ tracked minelaying vehicle carrying an externally mounted M-240 240 mm breech-loading mortar on the rear of the hull.

The crew consists of four men, but an extra five are required to operate the mortar. This has a range of 9,650 m but an extended range munition exists with a possible range of 20,000 m.

Due to the large size of the weapon and the weight of the ammunition (130 kg for a standard projectile) it has a slow rate of fire: one round per minute.

In addition to the high explosive bombs, it can fire armour-piercing, chemical and nuclear rounds. It can also fire the “Smel’chak” (“Daredevil”), a laser-guided round.

The Tyulpan is currently the heaviest mortar in deployment among any country.

Russian Ministry of Defence

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