Russian Defense Ministry Receives New Artillery Fire Control Systems

All-Russian Scientific Research Institute Signal (VNII Signal), under Rostec’s High Precision Systems holding company, handed over the automated fire control systems for artillery units 1В181 and 1В198 to the Russian Defense Ministry.

“The shipment was made in full and on time. The contract is long-term, we plan to continue working according to the delivery schedule, ”said Vladimir Pimenov, General Director of VNII Signal.

The complexes provide automated fire control and maneuvering of an artillery battalion consisting of up to four batteries in a battalion and up to eight guns in a battery during preparation and during combat operations; they are used for self-propelled artillery mounts “Msta-S”, “Msta-B”, multiple launch rocket systems fire “Tornado-G” and “Grad”.

“The use of automation equipment allows the complexes to perform firing missions with an arbitrary arrangement of guns in a given area of ​​firing positions, to perform an anti-fire maneuver, in the shortest time hitting the target consecutively from two or more firing positions,” said Alexander Denisov, General Director of the High-Precision Complexes holding.

The use of modern means of preparation of fire and new algorithms for solving special tasks make it possible to increase the accuracy of fire by 25-30%, and guided projectiles of a new generation destroy enemy targets and objects with a probability of 0.98-0.99. Timeliness of artillery battalion fire is ensured by reducing the time for its preparation by one and a half to two times in comparison with existing counterparts.

The most effective complexes 1В181 and 1В198 when controlling self-propelled guns and combat vehicles MLRS equipped with automated control and guidance systems. In this case, an uninterrupted process of fire control is ensured from the moment the target is detected to the guidance of all weapons and combat vehicles of the MLRS in automatic mode.

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