Russian Navy hydrographic vessel Donuzlav enters Suez Canal

The Russian Navy’s hydrographic vessel, Donuzlav has entered the Suez Canal, heading from the Mediterranean Sea to the Red Sea.

The vessel, assigned to the Navy’s of the Black Sea Fleet, left Sevastopol on November 18 to carry out complex oceanographic research in the Black, Mediterranean, Red seas and the Gulf of Aden of the Indian Ocean, where profile specialists are to perform necessary depth measurements and other hydro-meteorological researches.

The ship performed similar mission in 2016.

The Project 862/II Yug-class Hydrographic vessel “Donuzlav” was built in 1983. It has a length of 82.5 m, width of 13.5 m and draft of 4 m.

The vessel has a standard displacement of 1842 tonnes and full load displacement of 2435 tonnes. It has a maximum speed of 15.9 knots, range of 8650 nmi at 13 knots and an endurance of 40 days.

Donuzlav is powered by two 2200 hp Cegielski-Sulzer 12AB25/30 diesels rotating two controllable pitch propellers. It also has two 143 hp mSS5e electric motors. four 480 kW diesel-generators and one 220 kW diesel-generator.

The vessel is equipped with two Don navigation radars, Khrom-K IFF, Rumb radio direction finder, MG-13 underwater communication station and MG-26 Khosta underwater communication station.

The ship has a complement: 58+12 (4 officers).

Russian MOD

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