Russian Navy resumes Argentine submarine search

The Russian Navy specialists resumed the search and recovery operation of missing Argentine Navy diesel-electric attack submarine, ARA San Juan.

The operation was earlier suspended due to adverse weather conditions .

Over the last 24 hours, the team have launched the Pantera Plus remotely operated underwater vehicle (ROV) five times at the depth of 135-1,050 meters, from the Argentine Navy ship, ARA Islas Malvinas. Another catching trawler has been detected during the search operation.

In total, the Russian Navy specialists examined the sea bottom at the depth of 125-1,050 meters and launched the Pantera Plus system 12 times. They detected and examined four objects, which had been identified as two catching trawlers and two concrete blocks.

Russian Navy has also deployed its Yantar ocean surveillance ship to the region to support SAR operations.

San Juan, with 44 crew members on board, was in the southern Argentine Sea, 432 kilometres from the Patagonian coast when it gave its last location on Nov. 15. The contact was lost when the submarine was en route from the Ushuaia naval base in the country’s far south to Mar del Plata base, around 400 kilometres southeast of the capital, Buenos Aires.

According to Argentina’s Foreign Ministry, a total of 12 countries have already provided assistance, including Germany, Brazil, Canada, Chile, Colombia, Spain, the United States, France, Norway, Peru, the United Kingdom, Uruguay and Russia.

Russian MOD

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